Bird Lime Media creates brilliant, digital-first content for brands. We believe a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it in the online world and our team has over 15 years experience creating video and podcasts for broadcasters, publishers, corporate clients and NGOs.  


We'll take your brief and produce content which is affordable, on-point and beautiful. Whether you are looking for an engaging instagram campaign, a slick promotional film, a new podcast, conference highlights or inspiring client case studies, we will provide new and exciting ways of creating material that works for your brand and your budget.


Our strengths:


  • Provide a production team who are as diverse as your audience

  • Develop your digital brand

  • Create a killer content strategy

  • Deliver beautiful videos, podcasts and social media

  • Engage your audience


Why choose us?

As well as creating some killer content, we're also committed to training and developing new talent and offering them paid work experience at Bird Lime - at no additional cost to our clients - so our content is authentic, real and represents everyone. We saw a huge hole in the media industry - staff in newsrooms, publishers, content companies who all looked like carbon copies of the same person. We are working to re address the balance, focusing on two areas: lack of affordable training and the culture of free interning. By hiring us, you are becoming part of the solution.

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